Blog: Random Thoughts on Sunday's Sermon

Below are some random thoughts on this coming Sunday's message.  We hope they create a little time in your day to reflect on the journey of faith and life.  If they spur any thoughts, quotes, or experiences, please share them.  God moves among us as we share with each other.

August 7, 2013 | 02:11 pm

“Sampling” in the music industry is taking a portion of a sound recording and reusing it as an “instrument” in another song. Hip Hop music was based around this art, then...

August 1, 2013 | 03:24 pm

By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against such things.


July 31, 2013 | 01:45 pm
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Jes Kast

On day one of seminary orientation I sat in a classroom listening to the Dean talk about the inclusive language policy. I sat listening to her and found myself misty-eyed. I was coming to seminary...

July 30, 2013 | 02:37 pm

What is it about handwriting? I delight in sharpening a pencil and running my hand over the smoothness of a page right before I begin to work.

There is something about writing by hand that...

July 25, 2013 | 09:38 am

My friend from seminary sent me a writing prompt called  “a list essay” which I decided to share below about  the contents of my tattered and well-loved black Moleskine...

July 24, 2013 | 10:52 am
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Jes Kast

My tattoos are an ongoing journal of my life's story. They represent my struggles and celebrations in my faith and spirituality.

My first tattoo was a fish and a cross on my inner left ankle...

July 18, 2013 | 12:24 pm

I have been at the University of Richmond, VA, at a conference of the Hymn Society of the U.S. & Canada for the past several days. It’s a first time attending for me....a hymn conference...

July 17, 2013 | 02:03 pm
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Jes Kast

LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me.

O LORD, you brought up my soul from Sheol, restored me to life from among those gone down to the Pit.

Sing praises to the...

July 11, 2013 | 02:25 pm

This week, someone called into the church office and asked if we are the church that accepts everybody. We said, yes, that sounds like us.

What an incredible reputation to have in this big...

July 10, 2013 | 01:13 pm
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Jes Kast

I love liturgy. It’s like poetry to me. One of my favorite rituals in our liturgy is the passing of the peace of Christ.

This liturgical movement is often overlooked because it can be...