July 19, 2016 | 02:21 pm
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Jes Kast in Sunday Worship

Finding Rest in Christ

There’s this wonderful little story in the Gospel of Luke 10:38-42 about Jesus and two women. Jesus and his disciples are out traveling when a woman, Martha, extends hospitality to Jesus and invites him in to the house where she and her sister, Mary, reside. Martha is busy and has many tasks at hand to accomplish and grows annoyed that her sister, Mary, isn’t helping her out but instead is just sitting with Jesus. Annoyed by her sister... (I guess some things were true back in the Bible as they are today) she inquires with Jesus why he isn’t annoyed that Mary isn’t helping out. Jesus responds to Martha by saying that Mary has chosen the better way, just sitting with Jesus.

Many people read this story as if Martha is the bad character and Mary is the good character. I don’t think that’s accurate. We are busy people who need to do and plan (like Martha). But to only “do” and not also “be” (like Mary) only fulfills part of our responsibility as Christians. We are called to act (think of the prophet Micah 6:8 “Act justly”) and we are called to just be (Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know God).

As news reports of violence, racism, and hatred appear on our TVs we can learn from Mary as we attend to our souls and care for ourselves and each other. Yes, we need to act justly! We also need to just be with Jesus and rest in God’s presence. Scripture invites us to sit with Christ this week and find rest.

That is my prayer, that each of us find rest in God our Creator and join Mary at the feet of Jesus this week.