September 12, 2014 | 05:55 pm

Purpose in Life

We all struggle to find purpose in life. Some figure out his/her purpose early on while others go through much of life searching. To me, ‘purpose’ is nearly synonymous with ‘vision.’  One needs to have a vision of how things could be. (Difficult, especially in these days.) Actively engaging in bringing about a higher reality, one based on truth, beauty, goodness, and justice, best explains the idea of God to me. John Dewey said, “God is the active fusion of the real and the ideal.”  I love that meaning. It takes God out of the supernatural realm (such a difficult word - so laden with so much negative meaning for so many) and it gives me a naturalistic concept of God that I can relate to. Serving God becomes working to bring about that higher reality. 

We’re singing the great English hymn by Martin F. Shaw this Sunday: “God is Working God’s Purpose Out.” It’s not terribly well-known (except to Episcopalians ;-), but it asks a powerful question: “What can we do to work God’s work, to prosper and increase the community of humankind, the reign of the Prince of Peace?" What can we do? Work to fuse the real (where we’ve been, where we are now) with the ideal (the highest good for all). Come this Sunday and sing it with us!