September 10, 2014 | 12:24 pm
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Jes Kast

Pub Theology Kick Off – Next Wednesday!

Yesterday, Pastor Michael wrote about being inspired by our Collegiate Church history from the recent New York Times article. It’s a great article that I encourage you to read on the topic of religious tolerance. It has inspired me to ponder what exactly we mean when we talk about religious tolerance in 2014? How does the life of Jesus speak to religious diversity? What does it mean to be a person of a particular faith in a City of many faiths? Does our Scripture illuminate stories of religious tolerance?

I know many of you have asked (are asking!) similar questions so I thought, “Hey, let’s get together at our Pub Theology next week and discuss this topic!” A week from today we will gather at the Dublin House Bar & Tap Room to talk about religious tolerance, our roots, and our hopes. If you’ve never been, consider coming. If you come each month, we look forward to seeing you, again. It’s an informal environment to talk about topics that matter to us, create community, and experience God’s presence. Hope to see you there.

Religious Tolerance: Returning to our roots!