February 6, 2014 | 03:28 pm

He Doesn’t Do That Anymore

The other day my son was telling me about a classmate who has a history of classroom disruption and behavior issues.

“Mom, he doesn’t do that anymore. He cares about feelings now. He is totally different from last year. He cares about feelings.”

My son went on to tell me about this young boy’s transformation between kindergarten and first grade. We have all been rooting for this child, and I was emotional to hear that he was finding himself at school, and I carried my son’s words with me, “He cares about feelings now.”

One of the main themes of Jesus’s ministry and the New Testament as a whole is transformation. But it isn’t describing merely getting one’s act together, or making better choices. This transformation is deep. This transformation isn’t about behavior modification. It’s about love and peace, forgiveness and grace. It’s about letting go of fear and trusting in eternal things.

“The knowledge of Jesus’ heart is a knowledge of the heart. And when we live in the world with that knowledge, we cannot do other than bring healing, reconciliation, new life and hope wherever we go.” --Henri Nouwen