January 27, 2014 | 12:37 pm
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Jes Kast


When you look up the word sanctuary in the dictionary one of the definitions that is offered is “a place of refuge.” I love that definition especially when I think of our brothers and sisters who are homeless and come to our soup kitchen on Tuesday night. The building of West End becomes a place of spiritual and physical refuge for those seeking rest and nourishment. Every Tuesday we have people who come to help our honored street guests by preparing the food, setting up tables, and serving the food. When our honored guests arrive we open the doors for an optional Bible Study and then we break bread together. Every Tuesday I see Jesus in our gathering and it is holy.

Some of those who serve are members of our congregation and they serve because their faith inspires them to give of their time to others. Some of those who serve are members of our neighborhood who value that we are caring for the poor and homeless. It takes a team of people to make our soup kitchen successful. If you have ever served with our soup kitchen, thank you. God bless you.

Take a moment to look through these pictures to get a glimpse of what happens in this place of refuge on Tuesdays. And, as always, let us keep our homeless friends in our prayers as they make their bed on the cold concrete. We pray for God’s mercy and justice. Amen.