January 22, 2014 | 03:58 pm

Who Can You Empower?

I’m in seminary for a lot of reasons, and here is a picture of two of those reasons.

Mandy and her friends at Seminary

In 2008 I had quit the teaching job I loved and I was lonely and bored.

How bored?

So bored, I was writing American Idol recap blogs every week for my friends. Pitiful.

Although I cherished my new life as a mother, something was missing. Our family had just moved to Michigan and I needed something else to do and someplace to be so I googled some options and found myself in a group of women at a local church, trying to find faith and community together. After a few months of soaking in the peace and quiet of two hours in a room of adults, I took a deep breath and asked the leaders of this group if I could help out. I asked if I could teach.

These two faithful women heard my request and within two more months and after a bit of “Who-is-this?” vetting, I was on the schedule.

Last week when I was in Michigan attending Western Theological Seminary, I thanked these two women for giving me a chance. In the midst of my lonely wandering, they gave me an opportunity to find my voice. This week as I return from seminary, where my voice is being refined and shaped, I look back and say ‘thank you’ to the ones who gave me my first grown-up platform.

My questions for you today:

Who can you empower? Whose life can you change by extending your trust, just a little bit?

Or, are you bored? Do you need to be stretched into a new role in your life? What brave step can you take into using your gifts and talents to serve others?