November 26, 2013 | 04:31 pm
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Jes Kast

Reign of Christ

This past Sunday was the last day in our liturgical calendar year and it is called Reign of Christ Sunday. In 1925 Pope Pious XI noticed a rise in secularism and nationalism and he commenced this day to remind Christians that Christ's reign has authority over everything. In the 1970s many Protestant traditions adopted this feast day and it is now part of our liturgical calendar.

I've been thinking about the reign of Christ as I walk around New York City. Early Christians would say "Jesus is Lord" to remind themselves that Caesar was not God and that Jesus showed us the way of God. It was a profoundly spiritual as well as political statement to declare all authority in heaven and earth was in Jesus. When I walked through Central Park on Sunday I stopped and looked around and whispered "Jesus is Lord." When I went to Brooklyn and was at a bar with a few friends I said, "Jesus is Lord." On the subway, when my patience was being tried this morning, I said "Jesus is Lord." I gain perspective when I utter these words and practice my faith in our good God.

As we end our liturgical year let us take comfort in Christ's reign. As we see Christmas lights and candles starting to decorate our city, remember the light of Christ shines still. God's reign is one of love, reconciliation, compassion, and hope. Jesus is Lord!