October 29, 2013 | 09:00 am

Route 66: A Reflection on Matthew 24-25

This week in the book of Matthew, Jesus has some vivid language about the kingdom of heaven and the coming of the Son of Man. Eschatological (end times) passages can be bizarre and even frightening. We imagine our favorite apocalyptic movie with cities burning and people screaming. With this picture of chaos and madness in our minds, it is easy to miss the message in the text. John Dominic Crossan explains,

"Eschatology is not about the destruction of the earth but about its transfiguration, not about the end of the world but about the end of evil, injustice, violence—and imperialism." The Historical Jesus: Five Views

When we pray the Lord's Prayer saying, "Thy will be done", we are asking for this kind of eschatology. We are praying that evil will fail, justice will be accomplished, and violence will cease. What are we doing today to bring the "end times" into our lives today?