July 3, 2013 | 01:55 pm

We're talking about Love

As a college student, I was eagerly part of organized student groups that stood against injustice. We wrote letters to the editor and elected officials, educated ourselves and others on relevant policy, and drank fair trade coffee and became vegetarian as a statement about what we believed.

It is not an easy task to take on systematic injustice, at any age, even with the support of your community. What can easily become a rallying point is what you are against: earth degradation, gentrification, human trafficking. And the list sadly seems to have no end.

The church, rather the Church (big C for the worldwide church), has a very unique opportunity in the work of justice. We are not just a movement of people standing against something, we are very much for something (Holler: Love. Period).

At the very center of what we are about is love. And not just any kind of love. We’re talking about love with a capital L. God doesn’t simply move us toward love or provide good examples of it -- God is Love. The Love of God is deep and fervent. The Love of God is relentless in answering our cries for deliverance. The Love of God is not demure; it does not shrink back in the face of evil. The Love of God is fierce. The Love of God does not separate love from justice, it unites it.

When our love is animated by the Love of God, we have new freedom and joy in the work of justice.  We do not stand alone. Our desire for justice is not sustained by anger for what we despise. Our longing for justice born from Love of God compels us to seek the welfare of the city time and time again. It compels us to be for Love.