February 20, 2013 | 10:47 am

In the Eye of the Beholder

This Saturday I will be taking a group of young girls to the MOMA to experience modern art from the perspective that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our perception of beauty is shaped by our culture, by our families, by our experiences, but none of us has the same definition for what is beautiful. This truth is essential for a young person, as she is coming into her own identity and learning to appreciate who God has made her to be. I am very excited about the potential for rich discussion following this adventure.

Pastor Jes will be picking up the theme of beauty this Sunday morning for worship hour. We will focus on finding God in beauty, both within and without of designated sacred spaces. This is a difficult concept to translate for small children. For the Children’s Message, I will be reading a poem from the great Shel Silverstein. My emphasis will be upon the idea that we all see God as a reflection of ourselves, of our own beauty.

Take a moment and enjoy this poem. If you have children, introduce them to this poem and get a head start on Sunday!

                Description by Shel Silverstein

                George said, “God is short and fat.”
                Nick said, “No, He’s tall and lean.”
                Len said, “With a long white beard.”
                “No,” said John, “He’s shaven clean.”
                Will said, “He’s black,” Bob said, “He’s white.”
                Rhonda Rose said, “He’s a She.”
                I smiled but never showed ‘em all
                The autographed photograph God sent to me.