February 12, 2013 | 09:43 am
Posted by Former WECC Minister Rev. Michael Bos

Get Your “Shrove” On

To the uninitiated, the practice of Shrove Tuesday may seem a bit odd. Tonight, as part of the celebration, we will gather in the church parlor and eat pancakes and sausage as part of the preparation for Lent. Though this seems to have no spiritual significance, it has the same principle underlying it as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. It is the last chance to take in rich foods before the practice of fasting for Lent.

Interestingly enough, over time we have tended to emphasize the celebration of Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras before Lent while forgetting fasting, prayer, and reflection during Lent. In doing so we miss an opportunity for growth and change.

The forty days of Lent are a time to shake up our routines, reflect on our lives, and do things differently. It is a time to assess where we are spiritually and where we would like to be.  So I invite you to come and get your “shrove” on tonight, but don’t forget to shake up your spiritual routine during Lent!