December 20, 2010 | 12:15 pm

Monday – Remembering 2010

Like many of you our family decided to send out a holiday card to the people in our lives. We made the switch from paper “snail mail” to the electronic card. This allowed us to reflect on our year by putting multiple pictures of events that we have experienced in 2010 in an action card. As I sit in my office watching the animation of the card with it’s sentimental music I can’t help but think how this card only captures one reality of the year. All the pictures we put in our e-card are memories of happy times; but surely if I am honest that was not my entire year’s experience. There were moments of sadness, loss, and tears shed because of difficult situations. This leads me to wonder: am I “recounting the gracious deeds of the Lord” (Isaiah 63:7) only through the lens of experiences that felt good to me? Surely God was present in the difficult experiences as much as God was present in the happy experiences. Isaiah 63 welcomes the reader to recall the gracious deeds of the Lord fully through lament. It seems to me when we do remember fully and honestly through the process of lament, we are able to join in the praise chorus of creation as seen in Psalm 148. When we are honest our praises can be honest as well and that might fuel our faith enough to keep searching for God in the new year.