December 8, 2010 | 02:46 pm

Wednesday – Fit For a Fool

Because I don’t always sleep through the night, I’m able to sample America’s finest infomercials. The one theme that runs through every commercial is how easy it is to use a product. You can tone your body, lose weight, restore hair growth, cure arthritis, and make millions— all in two or three easy steps. Advertisers go out of their way to show that no matter how incompetent or unmotivated you may be, the program is foolproof. This is all to counter the idea that many of us have: though this product may work for others, it will never work for me.  Now I’m not equating faith with an infomercial, but there is a line in Isaiah that sounds much like this. In describing the “Holy Way” that we will travel, it says that it is so easy to follow that “not even fools shall go astray” (Isaiah 35:8). This is a powerful statement because it was addressed to a group of people who stopped following their moral compass, lost their way, and now doubted whether they could ever return to God.  For all who wonder if you’ll ever be good enough, knowledgeable enough, or committed enough to seek God and follow the way of Christ, this is great news. The Holy Way is fit for fools because it is based on an ever-present God guiding us, and not on our ability to always know the way.