November 30, 2010 | 02:00 pm

Tuesday - Relationships Matter

Life is about navigating relationships, and how well we do this determines how smoothly life goes. There are professional and personal consequences to our relationships. On the professional side, if we are brilliant but relationally inept, it hinders our ability to succeed. On the personal side, if we achieve great success in our careers yet our personal relationships are strained, there is not much joy in our achievements. Any way we add it up, relationships matter. There is a text in Isaiah that tells how a leader who is to come will transform how relationships are approached. He will not judge by appearances or hearsay but will seek to do what is right (11:3). In essence it says that the right way to go about relationships is to seek to do what is right. I know this sounds like the obvious is being stated, but we can add two little words at the end to shift the meaning. We can seek to do what is right “for me,” or we can seek to do what is right “for us.” It is only when we seek what is right for all of us that we enter into true relationships. Otherwise we are merely using another to get what we want.