November 22, 2010 | 02:25 pm

Monday – So What’s New?

Here is how many of my conversations go: “What’s new with you?” And the reply is always the same, “Not much. How about you?” To which I always reply, “Not much.” It’s amazing how we do this little greeting ritual over and over knowing it will never lead to any serious exchange of information. I guess it’s just a conversational warm-up. Yet it does have me thinking about what really is new with us. This Sunday begins Advent (I know it’s hard to believe), the time when we consider how the message of faith, hope, and love can move anew in us. To open ourselves to the possibility of God breathing new things into our lives, for Advent let’s change our greeting ritual with one another. Instead of asking “What’s new with you?”, we should ask “What do you want to be new with you?” This prompts us to consider what could be rather than getting stuck in the rut of what is.