November 16, 2010 | 09:46 am

Tuesday – Music: More than Entertainment

When we think of prophets in the Bible, we think of austere, bearded, robed men who are Shakespearean in their speech. This makes a particular scene in the Bible a bit surreal. A new king of Israel is being anointed, and part of the confirmation process is meeting with a group of prophets who are accompanied by a band. The band is jamming with the harp, flute, tambourine, and lyre, and the prophets will dance and sing themselves into a frenzy. The new king is to join the prophets in this musical experience and he “will be turned into a different person.” Now we don’t know exactly what they are doing in this frenzy, but through it all, people were changed. Too often we think of music solely as something that entertains us. But there is also something about music that subtly shapes who we are. This is why music is so central in our worship. It is more than changing up the service to keep it interesting. It is a means through which we open ourselves to God to be changed.