November 10, 2010 | 09:25 am

Wednesday – A By-product

The one thing we all want is happiness. We want it for ourselves, for our family, and for our friends. In some way, everything we do relates to this pursuit. Aristotle said it is “the whole aim and end of human existence.”  With so much attention given to getting it, and so many people trying to achieve it, why are there so many unhappy people? It is indeed a very elusive state of being to achieve and maintain. One of the reasons it eludes so many may be that lasting happiness is a by-product of the way we live, not life’s primary pursuit. I know this sounds like I’m saying we shouldn’t be happy. That’s not my point at all. I definitely want to be happy! Yet when everything we do is an attempt to feel happy, life can seem rather empty. That is why 1 Timothy 6:18 speaks so powerfully to me. When our lives are marked by doing good, being generous, and sharing with others, happiness is not far behind. Though it was not the goal, it has a way of showing up when we give of ourselves.