October 27, 2010 | 01:05 pm

Wednesday – Diversity: Accidental or Intended?

How we approach the diversity of people and cultures is dictated to a degree by whether we believe it is accidental or intended by God. If it is an accident, then we may seek to eradicate it if it causes us concern. However, if it is intended by God, then there is something we can affirm and something we can learn from it. Now to the big question: what is a Christian perspective on diversity? In Genesis 11 it explains why there is such variety of people in the world. It came from the will of God to “scatter people abroad over the face of all the earth,” giving them different languages. For us, the diversity we encounter was an intentional act of God as part of the unfolding of creation. If we forget this, we may rely on human nature, which often sees differences as a threat. But through the eyes of faith, we can see beauty and the opportunity to learn from the diversity in our midst.