October 13, 2010 | 01:29 pm

Wednesday – Created with Us

When we look at the beauty of creation around us and all that lives in it, do we believe it was created for us or with us? How we answer this question speaks of how we view the world we inhabit. Let me explain. If we believe that the world was created for us, then its value is the degree to which it serves our needs. If we believe the world was created with us (that is, we are one part of God’s creation), then all living things have value apart from serving our needs. Before you answer, listen to the words of Genesis 9:9, “God is establishing a covenant with you… and with all living creatures.” This means God has established a relationship not only with people but with all living things. Every created thing has value in God’s eyes. I know I’ve drawn a false dichotomy. Humanity most certainly has a special relationship with God. And yes, we depend on creation to live. In this sense, creation serves a very basic human need—the need to eat! Yet the value that creation has is not merely based on meeting our needs. It has intrinsic value that we must safeguard, honor, and respect as part of honoring the One who created us all.