May 11, 2010 | 06:57 am

Tuesday – My Top Three for Oman


Dune Bashing
Here are the top three things I love about Oman:
At number three: the beaches. As one drives down the coast, the jagged mountains give reprieve to the sea and a beautiful stretch of white beach emerges. You can pull to the side, set up camp, stoke the grill, and enjoy a day communing with nature and relaxing with friends.
At number two: the desert. I thought I would merely tolerate the desert. But after my first trip, I discovered the serenity of endless and undulating sand. I also love “dune bashing,” although it does disturb the serenity of the desert! If want to try it, just do the following: reduce the pressure in your tires, put your SUV in four-wheel-drive, and then go pounding through the sand. The Bedouins tell me the key is to keep your speed and rpm’s high—like they need to tell me this twice! Going down is as much fun as going up. There are dunes so steep that you cannot see where you’re going until you commit to going down. Pure adrenaline rush!
And at number one: the people. What can I say other than the Omanis are some of the friendliest people one will meet. The greatest gift I received was making so many lifelong friends.

Random thought of the day: There is an Arab proverb that says, “A wise man associating with the vicious becomes an idiot; a dog traveling with good men becomes a rational being.” It reminds me that friends are more than those who accept us for who we are. They help shape who we will become.