Sunday Mornings

Before Worship

Church School for All Ages

Church School classes meet every Sunday morning during the school year at 10:00 a.m. and end at 11:00, in time for parents to take their children into the sanctuary. We provide classes for pre-school through high school students. The classes are taught by volunteers from the congregation, often parents themselves. Church School provides an opportunity for our children to learn about the Bible and our faith through study and discussion about the Bible -- and to have fun doing it! 

Professional nursery care is available during Church School and the worship hour.

During Worship

Children’s Worship Hour

Young children need a special place where they can meet and worship God. Immediately following the Children's Message every Sunday, our three to seven year old boys and girls retire to a special quiet place called the Worship Center.

Here we introduce the children to the wonder of worship in new and exciting ways. We experience God using all our senses as we see a new story, draw the story, talk about the story, worship God, and have a feast. Just as our parents do downstairs, we assemble in God's name, proclaim God's Word, give thanks to God, and go in God's name.

Come and enjoy our Children’s Worship Hour of child-appropriate stories and songs!

Children are grouped into two classes (4yo-7yoand 8yo-11yo) and they rotate between two segments. In one segment, the children experience music with a choral director where they learn music and sing together. This segment is both an opportunity to enjoy learning about God through music, and also a preparation for opportunities to sing for the church community in the sanctuary. 

The second segment will be a storytelling experience in which children will hear a Bible story and reflect upon that story in age-appropriate ways such as crafts and games. Story time will conclude with a small circle time , sharing pretzels and grapes and prayers.

Our youth group meets for worship together during the 11:00 a.m. Worship hour. Our youth director, Mandy Meisenheimer, leads our 6th-12th graders in a small group worship experience.


Two Acolytes are needed to light our sanctuary candles at the start of worship and to extinguish them at the end of worship each Sunday morning from the beginning of September through the end of June. All children ages six and older are welcome to participate in our Sunday morning worship as Acolytes. Serving as Acolytes teaches our children many values that words cannot. Through this rite of passage at West End Collegiate Church our children learn leadership, ritual, service, and most important, reverence. Most of our children need little or no encouragement to participate in this worship opportunity. On the morning of her sixth birthday, one of our little girls woke up and exclaimed at breakfast, "You can call the church now Mommy.  I'm ready to acolyte.”