Sunday Mornings

During Worship

Children’s Worship Hour

Come and enjoy our Children’s Worship Hour of child-appropriate stories and songs! Young children need a special place where they can meet, worship, and even question God. Immediately following the Message for All Ages, children from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade join teachers downstairs for an interactive worship experience.

Here we introduce the children to the wonder of worship in new and exciting ways.  We experience God together using all our senses.  We see and hear stories ancient and contemporary.  We sing together.  We craft, using our hands and minds to worship through creativity.  We remember Jesus' continued presence with us as we experience communion together.  Just as our parents do, we assemble in God's name, proclaim God's Word, give thanks to God, and go in God's name.

During the lesson, children are divided into age-appropriate groups to share and learn together.