April 12, 2010 | 03:02 pm

Tuesday - A Spiritual 180

One of Sunday’s texts is Acts 9:1-6. It’s Paul’s (formerly known as Saul) conversion experience. These few verses represent a spiritual 180 that has become the quintessence of intense spiritual encounters. This one is marked by a blinding light and mystical encounter with Jesus. It speaks to those “God moments” that feel like God has a megaphone. However it manifests itself, it is an experience so distinctive that it shapes one’s life.  These moments are to be celebrated. However, when these experiences become paradigmatic, it can leave those people who lack this dramatic quality in their spiritual journey feeling like second-tier Christians. I also wonder how many smaller “God moments” we miss in our lives. Each of these smaller moments may not be life-changing or even particularly memorable, but their collective force moves and shapes us. That’s the thing about spiritual 180’s, whether you turn  fast or slow, you still made a turn.