September 14, 2010 | 10:18 am

Tuesday – Sorting Things out in Prayer

I’ve noticed a pattern in the way I deal with conflict: blame others and then eventually concede that I’ve contributed to the problem. Not exactly the healthiest way to approach relationships. It is almost as if I need to vent before I find the calm to see my own issues. I suspect I’m not alone. The prayer in Psalm 79 follows the same pattern. After a litany of complaints against others, the Psalm takes a sudden turn and utters the words “forgive our sins” (79:9), acknowledging their complicity in the problem. Prayer is a place where we can vent to God and discern our role in the issues we face. This is probably why we are counseled to pray about things first. Then we are able to approach decisions and people with a level head and greater self-awareness.