April 20, 2010 | 09:28 am

Tuesday: On the Go for God

Acts 9:36-43 is an interesting text—a resurrection of a dead person always catches one’s attention! But there is another dimension to the story that sparks my interest. Peter, who travels extensively to do ministry, visits a disciple named Tabitha, who devoted her life to “good works and acts of charity” (9:36). Both were people of action and heroes of the faith. Yet in the scheme of faith, we often minimize the importance of our actions. Here is the root of the misunderstanding. We believe that we are received by God because of God’s grace, not because of our works. We are loved by God because of who God is, not because of what we do. While affirming this powerful understanding, in no way should it diminish the good we are called to do. To say that we can do no good to earn God’s love is not the same as saying that we can do no good to help our neighbor. We should not lean on God’s grace as a cause for complacency. God’s grace should move us to action and compassion.