June 17, 2010 | 11:44 am

Thursday – Time, Trust, and My Red Hatchback


I remember the experience of buying our first car. A new, sexy, red Honda Civic hatchback. I think “lust” would not be too strong of a word to describe our desire to buy this car. You have to understand that in our current vehicle, we could see the road through the bottom of the door panel! Everything was going well with the negotiation until the salesperson said that we should put a deposit on it immediately because it was a hot selling car. We didn’t. I wanted to be a savvy shopper and was not about to be duped. When we came back an hour later, the car was gone. It turns out the salesperson was just being honest. We had to wait several weeks until another red Honda arrived.  
If I am considering anything of importance, I need time and trust—something that I think we lack in our conversations about faith. Faith cannot be distilled into tract size sound bytes that are for the purpose of closing the deal. That is why I love the approach Jesus took. Whether he was meeting people of no faith or other faiths, he spent time with his new friends eating, walking, and talking. We tend to isolate the religious conversations of Jesus forgetting that they arose over the course of time and within the context of mutual trust. Any tête-à-tête about those things that are of utmost importance to us need time and trust.