May 20, 2010 | 09:52 am

Thursday – Spiritual Company

A sign that you are a part of the technological generation is your ability to walk and text at the same time—while listening to your iPod, of course. I’m not one of them, and frankly, I am baffled at how people can so effortlessly move through a crowd while churning out messages on their phone. Maybe it is because they start so young. A few days ago I saw a little girl walking towards me absorbed in her video game. She looked like a teenager in training. Then she glanced around her and realized her mother was no where in sight. It took but a moment for this to sink in. The next thing I heard was her little voice screaming through tears, “Mom! Mom! Where are you?” Luckily, her mom was only a few feet ahead. I am sure in a few more years her competency will grow in tracking her mom while playing her game.
Jesus’ disciples had a similar experience. When Jesus told them that he would soon be leaving them, panic quickly set in. They bombarded Jesus with questions: “What are we going to do? Where can we go to find you?” Jesus reassured them that though he would be gone, they were not being abandoned. God’s Spirit would be with them (John 14:16). This exchange shows that no matter how old we are, no one wants to look up and realize that we are alone. And when this happens, it is important to know that God is just a shout away.
Random thought of the day: Though we may feel far from God, God is never far from us.