April 15, 2010 | 09:34 am

Thursday - Getting Caught Naked

What is it about God catching people naked?  In Genesis 3, God appears in the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve quickly hide because they are naked and ashamed.  In John 21, after the resurrection Jesus appears to a few of his disciples while they're fishing and catches Peter naked. (I'm not going to pursue why Peter was fishing naked!)  Peter's impulse was not to hide.  Instead, he threw  on his clothes and raced towards Jesus.  These are two distinct responses to encountering God.  Encountering God could mean we should hide because God's perfection places a spotlight on our less than admirable past acts.  Or encountering God brings us out from our hiding because we know we will be embraced by God's grace.  The example of Peter shows we should expect the latter.  Peter had every reason to hide from Jesus.  Not long ago, Peter had deserted Jesus.  When Jesus was arrested by the authorities, Peter quickly denied knowing him.  Not a great example of a friend and follower of Jesus!  This is what gives power to Peter's race to Jesus.  Peter had every reason to hide.  But he knew from Jesus' message and presence, he would be met by grace.