April 9, 2010 | 03:38 pm

Monday - No Idea About God

Does God communicate with us? How we answer this question determines the course of our spiritual journey. If God does not connect or communicate with us, then our journey is focused on expanding our ideas about God. If God does relate to us in some way, then the journey is about establishing and maintaining that connection. Based on this, here’s my theory. I recall reading that church attendance is on the decline partly because people don’t find church spiritual enough. Ironic isn’t it? I think it is because we spend too much talking about God and not enough time seeking to connect with God. If I think back to the rough patches in my life, spiritual comfort didn’t come from an idea about God. It was from a strong sense that God was with me and nudging me new directions through the experience. (How God “nudges” people is another topic!)