May 17, 2010 | 09:27 am

Monday – Got Spirit?


Within our slice of Protestantism there is a growing emphasis on spirituality. I am all for it. However, what I find puzzling is the lack of emphasis on the Spirit.  To me it seems important that in some way the Spirit is related to spirituality.
The term “spirit” in Hebrew and Greek, like the Latin, refers to the movement of air, such as in “breath” or “wind.” When God breathes into humanity the “breath of life,” it is what enlivens us. (Genesis 2:7).  It is the gift of God’s breath, his Spirit, that makes us more than biological life. Perhaps that is why inherent in every person is a desire to be more than alive. We desire to connect with an energy and enthusiasm that makes life worth living. In Christianity, this connection is called the Spirit.
Random thought of the day: The spiritual journey is about connecting with the vitality and verve with which God created us.