October 8, 2010 | 10:11 am

Friday – Space for Faithlessness

There is a growing belief that we, as Christians, should acknowledge a spark of faith in everyone. It is a way of honoring God’s presence in others and affirming that we share a common Creator. It is kind of like saying that though we may use different language about faith/spirituality/religion—or even disagree about whether there is a God—we share enough together to be in positive relationship. There is much to commend about this approach because it recognizes that the movement of God in our lives is not constrained by any boundaries we create. However, we must take care in how we represent this. It is one thing to say, “My faith teaches me to see all people as children of God,” and it is another thing to say, “No matter what you say, it really points to your belief in God.” The former shares how our faith informs our relationships, and the latter attempts to colonize another’s beliefs to eliminate any space for faithlessness. When expressing what we believe, we must always leave room for others to express what they believe.